Corporate Interiors

Executive Desks & Suites

Our executive office desk and suites compliments our line of executive office furniture.  As such they are modeled to be consistent in quality, aesthetics and design. These executive desks help to improve productivity and creativity in your work space.  Thus, they can be used in a commercial office space or in a modern home office. In addition, some executive desks have built in pedestals allowing your work area to be clutter free. Browse through our collection to see the styles that we have to offer.

Filing Cabinets

FILING CABINETS YOU'LL LOVE Choose a filing cabinet for your office needs at CII. We stock a wide range of lateral and vertical filing cabinets, storage cupboards and other storage units.  Our filing cabinets are durable and come in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes. Reduce the clutter in your office space by using one of our filing units today.

High Back

Our high back executive chairs are comfortable and elegant and provide you with extra support for your neck and shoulders.

Mid Back

Do you work for long hours and are required to stay alert throughout the day? If so our mid-back office chairs may be the answer to your needs. These office chairs are designed for busy multitaskers just like you. Not only that but also you can get exceptional lower back support and extra comfort. Mid-back chairs provide you with additional functionality and allow you to be more productive during your work day.  Therefore, you will be able to adjust the height and tilt of you chair to your specific needs.  Furthermore, they are available in a variety of style and materials. These office chairs can be used with any desk and can be used at small team meeting or collaborations.  Browse our tables and office desk collection to get a complete set. View our selection to find your perfect mid-back office chair.

New Arrivals

New arrivals for July to Aug 2022


Mobile Pedestals for your home and corporate office We have mobile pedestals available in espresso, grey, mahogany and cherry for you to choose from.  They are available in metal and wooden finishes and three drawers.

Standard Desks

Use our standard office desks for all your home office or work office needs.  Our office desks can be assembled as standard units. As well as, configured as l-shaped or u-shaped desks. Hence, they can be used as computer desks or by growing or large businesses.  In addition, these desks are built to accommodate your printers, office phones or any other necessary equipment or accessories. Match our office desks with any one of our office chairs or storage units.

Visitor's Chairs

Visitor's chairs are important for every office space. Our visitor's chair are available in fabric, leather, plastic etc.  They are designed in a variety of styles to beautify your office space and enhance your customer's experience. Customers are the fuel that keeps every business running successfully.  Therefore, it's imperative for you to keep your customers happy.  Check out our waiting area chairs to see what can help your customers wait in comfort and style.