• Office Chairs

    Office Chairs

    We are glad you're here! Selecting the right office chair for your needs or for others can be a bit challenging.  It is important that during this selection phase you consider what your special needs may be.  For instance, do you need something that offers advanced lumbar support or maybe a chair with adjustable arms?  Whatever your need we can deliver.
  • Office Desk

    Office Desk

    You're at the right place for your perfect office desk.  We know, you need your office desk to be functional, comfortable, high quality and even sleek. Well we have just what you are looking for! We carry L-shaped, U-shaped, executive desks and even executive suites.  In addition, these desks are available in a number of finishes and styles i.e. cherry, espresso, mahogany and grey. Our clients…
  • Office Storage & Filing

    Office Storage & Filing

    We would all love a little more space and a lot less clutter.  Thus, the office storage and filing units that we offer at CII will give you just that.  By allowing you to effectively store your office supplies or documents in an organized manner. Choose from a wide variety of  lockers, lateral and vertical filing cabinets. Not only that but we also offer; mobile pedestals,…