We would all love a little more space and a lot less clutter.  Thus, the office storage and filing units that we offer at CII will give you just that.  By allowing you to effectively store your office supplies or documents in an organized manner.
Choose from a wide variety of  lockers, lateral and vertical filing cabinets.
Not only that but we also offer; mobile pedestals, bookcases, shelves, fireproof filing cabinets and storage cupboards.

In addition, we have metal and wooden filing cabinets in a variety of finishes to suit the style and atmosphere of your office space.
Furthermore, our storage units can be used in corporate offices and home offices.  The office storage and filing units we offer will help you to make the most out of your office space.   If however, you are in need of custom storage units or filing systems please reach out to one of our agents.

Get that extra space you’ve always needed.

  • Filing Cabinets

    Filing Cabinets

    FILING CABINETS YOU'LL LOVE Choose a filing cabinet for your office needs at CII. We stock a wide range of lateral and vertical filing cabinets, storage cupboards and other storage units.  Our filing cabinets are durable and come in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes. Reduce the clutter in your office space by using one of our filing units today.
  • Pedestals


    Mobile Pedestals for your home and corporate office We have mobile pedestals available in espresso, grey, mahogany and cherry for you to choose from.  They are available in metal and wooden finishes and three drawers.