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“Ergonomic” is a word you will always hear in any discussion about office chairs, in general, and your Executive Chair in particular. As the science of biotechnology developed and advanced late in the 20th Century and combined with other advances in human engineering, many breakthrough healthcare products have been and are being created, of which ergonomically designed chairs are one.

Simply put, the ergonomic features of your Executive Chair speak to all the built-in adjustability that allows you to manipulate its different parts, including height and angles, to comfortably and properly support your body during the sustained periods of time that you are likely to sit in your chair.

Ergonomic considerations in office chair design are a direct result of the scientifically proven and documented health hazards associated with prolonged seating. Therefore, although your ergonomic Executive Chair has been designed to minimize discomfort while you are seated, it is highly recommended that you limit your seating time by taking frequent breaks to move around and exercise your body. The truth is, also, that irrespective of how ergonomically suitable your Executive Chair may be, you will not be able to maximize the benefits if you are not seated properly.

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